January success stories

Competing is one side of West Coast Swing that we will highlight once in a while. Every month we’ll try to keep track of the competition results of Dutch WCS dancers and WCS dancers who live in the Netherlands. In this item we share their success stories.

It’s always possible we miss something ? ?Don’t hesitate to inform us if you miss a result or heard about a success story for the February edition.

In January there were a lot of moments to celebrate!

Budafest (Hungary)

? Berend Ottervanger made Novice JnJ finals and earned his first 2 Novice points!

? Manoah Bernabela made finals in Sophisticated JnJ.

? Miranda Lam was placed 5th in Sophisticated JnJ.

? Manoah Bernabela was placed 5th in Intermediate JnJ. He now earned enough points to move up a level! Congrats with this achievement and good luck in Advanced!

Swing Resolution (Scotland)

? Matt Mickle and Dorothea Koletsos made JnJ Intermediate finals.

? Gordon MacDonald was placed 5th in Strictly Swing Novice/Intermediate.

? Gordon MacDonald won Intermediate JnJ ánd Sophisticated JnJ

SwingCouver (Canada)

? Jennifer Liu made Novice finals and earned her first Novice point!

Congratulations with these achievements. You all made us very proud!

But ofcourse we’re also proud on everybody else that competed last month. Keep up the good work. Maybe next time you’re name is on our wall of success stories.

? And remember that winning is only part of competing. Having fun is just as important!

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