“The leaders never give me time to play”

This is common in areas where the leaders have been taught to prioritize patterns. But this does not give you license to hijack! There’s a whole wealth of information on the topic of invitation leads and styling – way more than a single workshop or video. Part of the problem is that the leaders don’t know how to stop and start patterns effectively, and until they have a chance to learn that, your styling options need to fit within the context of the patterns.

So don’t wait around for leaders to stop and let you have a turn. Instead, manage the connection you owe and do your job of going where and when he’s leading. Then you get to decide how you move your body during that movement. This is why you always need to practice your personal movement skills and solo styling drills while holding on to a scarf or cup of water: you train yourself to be able to isolate and protect your styling from disturbing your connection.

(source: www.canadianswingchampions.com )

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