I’m bored with my dancing. How can I get more interesting/exciting material?

If you impatiently skipped over the technique and got in the bad habit of collecting patterns, you are probably disenchanted with your dancing because you never learned how to do them properly, expressively, comfortably, or musically. That’s what the technique is for, so take it as a hint to go back and fill in the gaps in your foundation.

Rather than focusing on your own entertainment, why not shift your focus to entertaining your partner? This project can be a game changer and a refreshing new approach and challenge. Learning to elevate any level of partner will make every dance more interesting. Rather than learning long complex patterns, focus on finding new ways into or out of existing patterns. Get a teacher to show you how to deconstruct and adapt patterns to invent new pathways and be more musical.  

(source: www.canadianswingdancers.com)

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