“There are never enough leaders”

So? What are you going to do about it? Well, let’s consider your choices:

1. Quit coming.

2. Keep taking classes and wait your turn.
It is a good way to practise your patience but you may consider to read further ….

3. Recruit more leader friends
Promote WCS by telling your friends that WCS is great for “meeting people” and “expanding social network”, take them to a social to taste some of the atmosphere, show them videos ( show examples of relatable people their age dancing well) !
A little push may help somepeople…. ever thought about giving your friend a beginnner class/bootcamp for their birthday or for Christmas 🙂

4. Learn to lead.
You might ending up having fun and you’ll be surprised what you learn from it!

5. Learn how to make use of your time between partners
Use the wait time to work on your footwork technique, balance, chains, pivots, footwork variations etc….

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